Friday, June 17, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?

Verona, Italy 6-17-11

There isn’t too much to write about today, because most of the day was spent driving to Rome. I can probably make it long, though LOL! I could spend more time on these blogs describing what all I have seen, but that gets boring. More interesting are the contrasts and similarities between Europe and the US, and the things that make me think. So, forgive me if I go off topic or don’t go into much detail about sights and such over the next few days.
We made a short stop in Verona to see la caza di Gulietta and a 650 year old bridge, along with a couple of other sights. Really the main reason we stopped there was because I wanted to see the house of Juliet. If you have ever seen the movie “Letters to Juliet” then you know what I am talking about. Although, I was slightly disappointed to find out that no one actually writes letter to Juliet, and that it is incredibly crowded with tourists. It was still really neat to see. One weird thing, though, was that everyone was taking pictures with the statue of Juliet, and most of them were touching her breast. I don’t know if that’s some sort or tradition or what, but it was awkward as anything. 
The bridge that we saw was really cool as well. It was completed around 1346 AD I think, so it is a 650 year old bridge. And it is part of an ancient fortress that I’m guessing is where the soldiers used to guard the city in the middle ages. the whole thing is pretty much still standing, so they knew what they were doing when the built structures back  in the middle ages. I doubt any modern buildings would last almost a millennium.  
Those were the two main sights that I liked best in Verona. We only spent about 2.5 hours roaming around Verona. It was a nice city, and if I had to move to Italy, that would be the top contender for where I would want to live. Its big, but not too big, and it isn’t overrun with tourists. 
We spent the rest of the day driving to Rome. Our one big meal for the day was, once again, Burger King which is where we seem to always be stopping when we are driving long distances. I don’t eat at Burger King very often at home, but I am more than making up for it here in Europe. It always seems to be the first food place we see when we are starving. 
We have now arrived in Roma, Italia! Our hotel is great for the low price we are paying per night. We have air conditioning, two beds, free parking, free wifi, and breakfast every morning! For Europe where you must pay for EVERYTHING (including to use the toilets), this is a steal at only 50 Euro per night. I can’t even begin to express how blessed we have been with the hotels that Iva booked. 
First the B&B, which was wonderful (its called La Caza di Sandra in Mirano, Italy), and now this hotel, which even has a restaurant in it with great prices and fabulous food. I would know, because we just ate dinner there. For 8 Euro I got a HUGE plate full of pasta all’ amatriciana, and I couldn’t even finish it! Considering the dinner we had last night was the same price, but it was a tiny portion, that is ¡excelente! The hotel we are staying at now is called la Hotel Villa Spada right outside of Rome. So, if you ever decide to do a tour of Italy and want to stay at local places for great prices, look at this blog for recommendations. 
Now, off to rest up because the next two days are going to be packed FULL! Rome, watch out! I’m here! 

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