Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update #2!

January 17,2012
May 2012 be blessed and filled with many wonderful memories for you :-) <That is, if anyone is out there reading this...before 2013....if there is going to be a 2013? Hmm... ;-)  >
So, here I am in Grez Doiceau, Belgium, two weeks into my crazy European Adventure-part 2. Actually, I’m 18 days into it, but who’s counting? It stills feels like a surreal dream. Something that began back in October, when I got the Facebook message from Jeanna, has now been my reality for almost three weeks. 
Boy has a lot happened since that day. I have a diploma! A Bachelor’s of Arts in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish, to be exact. Its sitting at home in my room in Georgia in its lovely ASU diploma frame. 5.5 years of torture, tears, and breakdowns for a piece of paper. I hope it proves worth it someday when I get a real job. But for now, it’s just nice to know I have it, and that it signals the END of the torture. At least, for now. 
So, what does a college graduate with a degree in Spanish Language do after graduation? Well, the normal thing would be to find a job in translation or working for the Man somewhere in a multinational corporation. Nope, not me. Two weeks after graduation I moved to the FRENCH speaking region of Belgium to be an Au Pair for a lovely family. Not much Spanish is spoken here, unless you count the Tapas bar I went to with Vince and his good friend Josafin the other night, where we did proceed to converse only in Spanish. But, other than that, I couldn’t be further from using my Spanish. No, instead of doing the normal thing, this Spanish major has decided to be a language snob and add a third language, French, to my repertoire. And possibly a fourth and fifth, Dutch and German respectfully, just because I am in Belgium, and why not? We shall see how my Language adventures go...stay tuned! More to come later! 

Update! After 7 months....

**Quick note...I tend to write my blog entries in mac pages, and then copy and paste them when they are finished. So, some of these entries might have been written well before they were actually posted. Like this one, which was written a month ago........I'm a slacker, what can I say? It's a busy life!**

So, I realize that I never did post anything while I was actually studying in Salamanca. I guess I fail as a blogger! So, I guess this post will be an update on the past six months, which have been VERY eventful, to say the least. 
To update on the weight-loss thing....I ended up losing about 25 lbs last year in 2011. Unfortunately, due to a turbulent semester and the holidays, I have gained a bit of it back. BUT, 2012 is a new year and I’m planning to whip myself back into shape! 
Spain was an absolute BLAST! I wish I was still there. I fell in love with Salamanca (and maybe a boy....but that is for later). I stayed in an apartment with four other students. Two were from my group, Tonya (my incredibly awesome roomie!) and Kristin (another awesome apartment mate!). The other two were not from our group, but were from Belgium. The girl, Aranea, was only with us for the first two weeks, the other Belgian, a guy I like to call “mi amor” (aka Vincent), was with us the whole time. He ended up stealing my heart. Once again, more of that later. 
Our Spanish seƱora was named Isabel, and we absolutely fell in love with her and her husband Agustin. They were the best Spanish parents EVER and treated us like we were truly their own children. We had a cool set up too, with our own apartment. Isabel and Agustin had their own elsewhere in the city.  They also had an awesome house out in the pueblo, which we got to spend a day at before we left. Isabel is the BEST cook. We had homemade lunch and dinner every day and it was a miracle I actually lost weight instead of gaining it! Now more about the city...
Salamanca is an awesome city! At the heart of it is the Plaza Mayor, which is arguably my favorite hang out spot in the world. I love how it is lit up in a golden light every night at sunset. It is full of many wonderful cafes and the night life is amazing :-) Such a fun city. 
I will keep this post short since I have a habit of rambling on and on.  If you want to know more details (and there are so many more!), ask and I will gladly give you the rest of them!  July was one of the best months of my life. I learned so much Spanish! And I made wonderful friends for life, as well as meeting a great guy ;-) 
Since I returned home from Spain, I have survived a crazy awful semester and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language from Augusta State University. I decided that I like Europe so much, I wanted to go back and see the Northern part. I am leaving this coming Thursday, December 29, to move to Belgium for a year or so to be an Au Pair. Who knows what the next year has in store?!? Stay tuned to find out ;-)