Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am currently sitting in an apartment in Prague, recuperating from a rather crazy (but awesome!) 48 hours! 2 flights and 19 hours after leaving home I finally arrived in Berlin.  The flights both went well. I was blessed to sit next to good conversationalists on both flights, as well as in the airport in Newark, which always makes things go a lot more pleasantly. The first flight I sat next to a sweet older lady named Doris who was originally from Long Island but was currently residing in ATL. She LOVED to talk about her family (whom she was going to visit for the weekend). In the airport in Newark I met a nice older mexican couple named Maria and Victor, and talked to them a while. They were trying to meet up with their cruise ship after having their original flight cancelled and missing the initial sailing of the boat. On the second flight I sat next to a Canadian guy aboat  my age. He was pretty cool to talk to in between the movies and t.v. shows I watched. Which, I watched like 2 movies and 3 shows and go to listen to a lot of great music. It was phenomenal to be able to choose what I wanted to watch and listen to.

So any way, I landed and not too much longer after getting my baggage Iva found me. Stop number one...Starbucks. Stop number two...bathroom. I found out that there is no way you will still look cute after an 8 hour flight in which you did no sleeping. So, we loaded my stuff into Iva's car and headed into downtown Berlin to do some sightseeing. We ended up getting passes for the U-Bahn and used their subway system to get around. Got to see a lot of awesome things, including parts of the Berlin wall that are still standing (which, BTW, they have torn down most of the rest of it, dangit!), and the line that marks where the wall used to be. We also got to see the Parliament building, US Embassy, a gorgeous cathedral, the Holocaust memorial, and we even stumbled upon a local flea market and artists market. I will be posting pics on Facebook soon of everything. We stopped for lunch at Subway, which means I have now had subway on three different continents! Awesome, I know. What can I say? I like subs!

So, after a full day in Berlin (and an hour to figure out how to get back to our car!) we drove 4 hours to Prague and that is where I currently am. Sleep will be happening soon after posting this blog. Stay tuned for Prague tomorrow!

BTW-we hit 125mph on the autobahn : )

<3 Laura

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  1. Wow, Laura! I've gotta say.....I'm a little envious. Okay....a lot. =) Sounds like an amazing experience, and I can't wait to hear more about it. Stay safe, have fun, and make a lifetime of memories! Hugs!