Monday, February 6, 2012

Wait, I’m getting fatter...this isn’t supposed to happen!

January 23, 2012
I came to Europe for multiple reasons. One of my big motivations was to once again lose weight, like I did over the summer in Spain. I figured Europeans tend to be smaller, therefore Europe, in general, must offer an overall healthier lifestyle. No one told me that Belgium was the absolute WRONG country to move to if weight loss was one of my goals. Not only are they known for their WAFFLES and CHOCOLATE, but they are also huge in the industry of BEER and FRENCH FRIES. That is the worst four-some of culinary delightfulness a country could offer, in terms of weight loss. And I have fully been enjoying them in the few weeks I have been here. 
Therefore, beginning this week, I have decided to reign myself back in and start focusing on health. I don’t really have anywhere to work out yet, since there are always people in the house and I am not a fan of having an audience while I awkwardly sweat my way through a workout DVD. Hopefully my “au pair suite” will be completed soon, and I can begin then. Until then, I guess I have to give up the wonderful waffles, chocolate, beer, and fries.....or get over my pride and work out even with people in the house. Hm, I wonder which side of that choice will actually win this war? 

Feb. 6
Since writing this post (which I am just now publishing, because I am a slacker), I have fallen ill. I mean REALLY ill. I spent this past wednesday (Feb. 1) vomiting and being feverish. That on top of the cold I have been nurturing since I arrived sent my poor body over the edge. Thanks to the magical stomach shrinking effects of vomiting combined with the horrible side effects of Augmentin antibiotics, I think I have lost a few pounds! Sure, it wasn't done the right way or the healthy way, but I definitely didn't do this to myself. So I think I'll take the weight loss and build on it! Work outs just might commence tomorrow. Or my fast from waffles, chocolate, and beer. (Come on, if you know me, you know that telling me to avoid potatoes is like telling the Pope to not read the Bible...NOT going to happen). 

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